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 Individual Sheet for Mary Ellen VENABLES
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       BORN: 1532 Kinderton, Cheshire, England.
   CHILDREN:Anne MAINWARING (Manwaring) (~1563-    )

 -- sources ------------------------------------------------------------
 Ahnentafel supplied by Marlyn R. LEWIS, 28 Dec 1995
and her second VENABLES line:

Male Tafel Chart for Margery VENABLES
 --------------------------------- GENERATION  1 -----------------------
    1 Margery VENABLES b:1358(?), Kinderton, Cheshire, England; M:(1391
      Kinderton, Cheshire, England) Randle MAINWARING
 --------------------------------- GENERATION  2 -----------------------
    2 Hugh VENABLES b:1332, Kinderton, Cheshire, England; M:Margery
      COTTON; M:Ellen HUXLEIGH (see below)
 --------------------------------- GENERATION  3 -----------------------
    4 Hugh VENABLES b:1296, Kinderton, Cheshire, England; M:Katherine
      De HAUGHTON; M:Elizabeth MOBBERLY; d:1368.
 --------------------------------- GENERATION  4 -----------------------
    8 Hugh VENABLES b:circa 1330, Kinderton, Cheshire, England; M:Agatha
 --------------------------------- GENERATION  5 -----------------------
   16 William VENABLES b:1296(?), Kinderton, Cheshire, England; M:(circa
      1325 Kinderton, Cheshire, England) Margaret DUTTON
 --------------------------------- GENERATION  6 -----------------------
   32 Roger VENABLES b:circa 1270, Kinderton, Cheshire, England; M:Alice
 --------------------------------- GENERATION  7 -----------------------
   64 Hugh VENABLES b:circa 1240, Kinderton, Cheshire, England; M:Alice
      OXTON; M:Wetilian ???
 --------------------------------- GENERATION  8 -----------------------
  128 William VENABLES b:circa 1200, Kinderton, Cheshire, England; M:
      ??? ???
 --------------------------------- GENERATION  9 -----------------------
  256 Gilbert De VENABLES b:circa 1175, Kinderton, Cheshire, England; M:
      Margery De HATTON
 --------------------------------- GENERATION 10 -----------------------
  512 Gilbert VENABLES b:circa 1150, Kinderton, Cheshire, England; M:
      ??? ???
 --------------------------------- GENERATION 11 -----------------------
 1024 Gilbert VENABLES b:circa 1125, Kinderton, Cheshire, England; M:
      ??? ???
 --------------------------------- GENERATION 12 -----------------------
 2048 Gilbert VENABLES b:1099(?), Venables, Normandy, FRANCE; M:???

In 1092 King William Rufus was a guest at the court of Hugh Lupus in Chester. At least two of his barons attended the King, Hamon De Mascy and William Venables. from Baguley Family Page.
 ================================= end of chart ========================

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More Baguley info passed on from: Cecelia Johnson-Baguley .
Subject: Venables/Mainwaring
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2000 19:47:05 -0500
From: "Lee A. Rau" <>
     Dear Rod,
 Very impressive site, but I the links did not work for me.
            My wife is a Massey and descends from Hamo the first, Baron of Dunham-Massey.  I would be interested in any
information you might have to substantiate the marriage of Hamon IV to Miss Mainwaring.  I have seen this marriage listed in
other databases, but as you probably know, Judge Frank Massey concluded that Hamon IV's wife was unknown.  I have one
source, moreover, that claims that his wife was a Venables of Bolin.  I tried your link to the Venables and Mainwaring Family,
but, unfortunately, it did not work.  Thanks in advance for any information you are able to share.
Lee Rau

Subject: about Mainwaring & Venables link
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 12:12:31 -0500 (EST)
From: john mcewen <>

Hi Rod, I see by some of your info on the Mainwaring /
Manwaring and Venables link. I am also a descendant of
the Mainwaring & Venables line, mine is through Randle
Mainwaring & Margery Venables by their sons William &
Randle. Randle Mainwaring`s parents was William &
Elizabeth of Over Peover, Cheshire & Margery
Venables`s parents was Sir Hugh Venables & Margery
Cotton and sister of Sir Richard Venables ,Baron of
Kinderton d-1403 who m- Isabel de Langton. Sir Richard
& Isabel`s dau Joan m- Sir Thomas Grosvenor of
Hulme,Cheshire and who are the ancestors of the Duke
of Westminster. How are you linked to the Venables
family? There is also a Venables family Society. I
live in Wingham Ont Canada NOG-2WO. John

Subject: Venables History
From: Steven Venables
Date: 05/27/2004

I am a member of the Venables Family and I would like some info for a site I am making.  Please send me some info, if you can, on their migration to the continent Austrailia and who is in Brisbane Australia could give me some info.
Steven Venables

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